Rewards Program

Earn Points and Get Rewards
You will get rewarded for every purchase you make, start from here!

How to Join the Rewards program?
1. Join Rewards: Earn 100 points for creating your account and confirming your points and other perks at any time.
1. Earn Points: The more you spend,the more points you will get. Try to find more ways to increase your points.
3. Redeem Points: Your points can be redeemed for Autointhebox products and to earn other perks.

Ways to Earn Points?
1. Sign up to get 100 points
2. Earn 20 points per $100 spent
3. Earn 100 points when you refer a friend to make a purchase

Ways to Redeem Points?
1. 100 points —$10 off coupon
2. 1000 points —Free product (Value $100)
3. 2000 points —Free product (Value $200)
4. 3000 points —Free product (Value $300)

Frequent Asked Questions
1. How do I join?
To join this rewards program, you only need to create an account. Click here and sign up to get your first 100 points.
2. How do I earn points?
You can easily earn points by signing up, referring friends, and making purchases. The points will automatically show up in your account.
3. How do I redeem my points for Autointhebox products?
Once you reach each tier points numbers, you can redeem them into real coupons or exclusive free products at our website. If you earn $200, you can redeem a $2 coupon and use it at checkout. If you get more than 1000 points, you can redeem them to purchase a specified product for free. Those free products will be updated every two weeks. If you don’t want any of them, please wait for the next update or email us which product you want.
4. Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?
No, there is no limit for you to purchase or share with your friends, the more you buy and share, the more points you earn. Just remember that all your points will expire after 1 year after your most recent order.
5. What happened if a friend I refer to cancels or returns their order?
Your points earned by referring a friend to make a purchase will be removed from your account.
6. How do I check my account points and status?
You can check your points by logging into your account on and going to the Rewards program page or the pop-up window “Rewards” on the home page.
7. What if my points are not showing in my account?
No worries! It can sometimes take a few minutes for us to process your activity and provide your points. If it’s been longer than 7 business days, hit it up at
8. How do I leave the program?
We’d love to have you. If you decide you no longer want to be part of the program, please contact us and ask to be removed from the program. Email us at and your content must specify your account information. Then, your points will begin from zero and you will no longer see rewards and any perks from this program.
9. What happens if I redeem a reward and then return that purchase?
Once your points have been used, they will not be re-issued, even if you returned or canceled your rewards, the points will not get back. Be sure to consider carefully before using the points.
10. What if I have other questions?
Any questions or concerns, just shoot us an email at We always love hearing from you!