VIP Program is determined to offer the best user experience at all times, for each tier of VIP buyers. We’ve built an even better exclusive VIP program.
The more you shop, the more you’ll enjoy the VIP’s exclusive treatment. Once you earn a tier, you will enjoy specific purchase discounts and exclusive benefits.

(*No extra fees to become our VIP. Now create a member account to start your VIP travel *Your tier will be calculated based on your spent and Autointhebox within 1 calendar year)

Frequent Asked Questions:
1. How to Become Autointhebox VIP?
Members don’t need to create a new account. Your VIP tier decides on your annual spend on When you reach one of our VIP tiers, you will receive an email from and you will be invited to become our VIP. The more you shop, the higher tier you will reach.

2. What is VIP Zone?
To provide the best customer experience for our VIP clients, we made a special page to show our top-deal products and some promotional activities. If you are not our VIP user but you want to get access to those deals, you can contact us and we will confirm your account.

3. What Are the Benefits of VIP?
Every VIP Tier has the access to VIP Zone, you can get as many promotions as possible. VIP0 to VIP3 will enjoy exclusive discounts for every purchase, with discounts ranging according to 5% to 10%+. Also, you will easily become our new product beta tester. Join our VP program, and enjoy unique benefits!

4. How Can I Enter Next VIP Tier?
Once you join this VIP program, there are 4 tier levels to be achieved. VIP0, VIP1, VIP2,  VIP3. Each VIP tier member will enjoy different exclusive purchase discounts. Members in VIP0 (Dollars spent in Autointhebox less than $999) don’t have a specific discount for any order, but they have access to VIP ZONE, which have many special discount product. VIP1 (Dollars spent in Autointhebox between $1000 and $4999) will enjoy ≥ 5% OFF for every order. VIP2 (Dollars spent in Autointhebox between $5000 and $9999) will enjoy ≥ 8% OFF for every order. VIP3 (Dollars spent in Autointhebox over $10000) will enjoy ≥ 10% OFF for every order. The more you shop, the higher your VIP tier!

5. What if I have other questions?
Any questions or concerns, just shoot us an email at We always love hearing from you!